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Darwin’s 97 Seven is “THE Darwin Radio Station”.

We are Darwin owned, Darwin Operated and here for Darwin!

We know Darwin, we know the people and we know how they think, what they want and when they want it, because we undertake regular, (every two years), research to make sure we understand the audience wants, likes and dislikes. 

We can come to you at short notice and show you:

  • Exactly what we know about the listenership of Darwin.
  • Why Radio is the strongest and most effective media for making your product, goods or services known to the population of this great city.
  • Exactly who is listening to us
  • When they are listening,
  • How often and how long they listen
  • How much notice they take of what they hear
  • What they do
  • How old they are
  • How much the earn
  • And many other demographic details!

Why don’t I put all that here on our web site, well that’s easy, ours is the most up to date and comprehensive research of all the stations up here, we pay a lot of money to find out just how we can make ourselves your best choice, we want to share that with you our happy clients, not with our competitors.

Here is a teasing taste of what we have to share with you...

Current research on Darwin demographics.

Notice this is from research that is not even 1 year old!

Any research more than 3 years old is next to useless, but ours is current, and we update it every two years so we know that we know how to help you grow your business.