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Josh10:10:44amWhat was the name of that last sing?
Josh10:11:06amWhoops, *song
Koole Country6:03:09pmGood evening, back in the studio tonight - and we've got a few surprises!
lance6:04:54pmhi kim and kat
Koole Country6:05:12pmHi Lance!
Koole Country6:05:23pmHow was your week?
lance6:06:15pmnot bad
how was your
Koole Country6:10:49pmgood thanks Lance, were you affected by the cyclone?
lance6:11:42pmno but we will be getting
a lot of rain
which has started today
Koole Country6:17:58pmStay safe Lance!
lance6:30:04pmgreat song
Beryl6:49:23pmHi Kim Loving your show and your new song. Looking forward to the launch of your new album. Blessings Beryl & James
Koole Country6:54:13pmThanks Beryl & James! Glad to hear your enjoying the show. Blessings, Kim & Kat
Koole Country7:01:19pmThanks for tuning in everyone, have a fantastic week!
lance7:01:25pm bye kim and kat
have a great week
Koole Country7:02:00pmThanks Lance, you too!
lance 7:02:22pm
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