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carrie9:29:33pmwhat was the name of this guys book?
Priyantha7:55:34pmHello All I like most song broadtcast over the radio..any chance to get a colection of songs..
kevin11:35:15pmi'm currently living overseas and whenever i can i listen online
kevin11:40:16pmi really enjoy hearing all your shows. please continue the great work that your station does
Presenter7:14:34pmHi Priyantha we will defiantly give you the playlist soon!
Presenter7:14:59pmDylan and I (Luke) are glad to have you listening
Presenter7:45:27pmThe Driven Life by Rick Warren
Presenter7:47:11pmWe are nearly done for tonights Friday night youth! We hope you all have had a great listen
Presenter7:47:22pmBe blessed.
Vivienne 1:45:36pmWhat is the name of the song with the chorus "fighting my battles fighting my battles"
Jo1:13:23pm'Battles' by The Afters
Presenter Spud5:59:36pmIm in the studio tonight after a foray to adelaide for surgery.
lance6:02:57pmhi spud welcome bk
John7:00:08pmhey spud i'm here
Presenter Spud7:01:59pmyo bro.
Presenter Spud7:02:19pmdoing some training tonight
lance7:03:03pm all good spud
John7:05:41pmwe had a shower yesterday out hear
John7:10:53pmvery nice spud
John7:14:06pmspud mate your not live in ktown trying to fix now
John7:17:49pmyour back
Presenter Spud7:19:12pmthanks john, havent had time to check. you are on the ball
Jael8:47:50pmGuys this Is amazing work that you are doing, I'm loving this station so much, God bless you.
lance8:51:56pmnight spud
be blessed
Presenter Spud8:56:20pmthanks everyone im outa here all done for the night. its been a bit frantic catching up but nearly all done. catch you on air next tuesday night.
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